Have a Happy and Safe Holiday and New Year from LillyPadCA

The final LinkpadCA for 2013 looks to solutions for challenges faced here in Canada and around the world.

First up, this article looks at 5 Canadian innovations that could change the face of global health care. From a cell phone app that detects breast cancer to onset diabetes testing, these Grand Challenges Canada, innovative ideas could have a global impact.

Read more about the projects: 5 Canadian innovations that could change the face of global health care

Or visit Grand Challenges Canada: www.grandchallenges.ca

The long-term sustainability of Canada's health system remains a hot topic. This article by Natasha MacDonald-Dupuis stresses two important imperatives to consider: firstly, the importance of research and cost-reducing technology as a means to improving the effectiveness of processes and procedures will have to be stressed. Secondly, the requirement for a paradigm shift in the way we view elders in our society, to include them as an active part of the solution. As MacDonald-Dupuis states: "With their experience and knowledge, they can add valuable insight in regards to long-term planning, mentoring, and overall management."

Read the article: The Problem with Canada's Unsustainable Health System

And finally, the federal government is reminding us to shop wisely this holiday season, encouraging us to be aware of toy safety. Using unsafe toys - or using toys in unsafe ways - can put children at risk for injury or illness. Read toy safety tips here and remember to check the Government of Canada's Recalls and Safety Alerts Database to see if a toy has been recalled.

We will return with new LillyPadCA content in mid-January.

Wishing you all a safe and happy holiday and all the best for 2014!