Nurturing Innovation

In June 2014, federal Health Minister Rona Ambrose announced the creation of an Advisory Panel on Healthcare Innovation, chaired by Dr. David Naylor. This week, the Panel launched a Canada-wide consultation process. The Panel will look at healthcare innovation, both internationally and across Canada, with a goal to recommend five ways the federal government could better support innovation to improve patient care and strengthen the healthcare system. The Panel is expected the compile and publish its final report by June 2015.

Find more information about the consultations, as well as the Panel itself, here.

In their consultations, the Advisory Panel will no doubt be exposed to many interesting healthcare innovations from around the world. Just last week, Grand Challenges Canada announced seed funding for 22 projects from Canada and nine developing nations to address major health problems in the developing world. Some of the innovative projects included innovations to assist in early diagnosis, drug safety screening, medical testing in developing countries, mental health and much more. One of the made-in-Canada proposals has developed a waterproof, sterilized covering to convert a commercial power drill into surgical equipment. Now that’s innovative!

Read about the other 22 inventive ideas for better health here.

Finally, here is a great video from Rx&D on the value of innovation – including major achievements in health and the challenges ahead. The video emphasizes the importance of nurturing innovation, breaking down barriers, tapping into creative minds, and working collaboratively.