Better Care for Ontario Seniors

Happy New Year!

After a bit of a break, I'm refreshed and back to following public policy dynamics at the federal and provincial / territorial levels around the country.

I have to say, that spending the Holidays with my family, and in particular, the elder members of my family, reminded me about how important current and evolving public policy is to those around us. Sometimes when I read a blog, news article or government press release, I forget about the lives actually impacted by the policies and decisions made across multiple levels of government here in Canada.

With that in mind, I was really happy to read about some of the recent policy directions announced by the government of Ontario, particularly within the context of a minority legislature with many political dynamics at play.

The release of Living Longer, Living Well by the Ontario government reflects wide stakeholder input and focuses on how to help seniors stay healthy and live at home longer. The recommendations cover health and wellness, social services, and community living for older Ontarians.

There are a series of principles captured by this strategy as well as a wide range of recommendations. The five principles to guide a provincial seniors strategy identified are:

1. Access

2. Equity

3. Choice

4. Value

5. Quality

Among the recommendations, and as I've blogged about before, improving home care supports and working to minimize or eliminate adverse reactions due to multiple medications and improving prescribing practices are all key to this effort.

At Lilly, we strongly support efforts that improve patient safety, increases awareness of seniors needs and improved health. I really think that this is the right, evidence based step in that direction.

Read more about this initiative here.