Benefits of Medical Innovation: Cancer

In 2014, estimates show that, on average, 524 Canadians were diagnosed with cancer every day. As the first leading cause of death in Canada, cancer continues to impact millions of people and their loved ones. Today, we join the world in marking World Cancer Day to raise awareness about the fight against cancer under the theme ‘Not Beyond Us,’ highlighting that solutions do exist and new progress is within reach.

Cancer isn’t one disease, but over 200 diseases, each affecting individuals in different ways, and continuous advances in scientific understanding have significantly increased life expectancy for many types of cancer. In the past forty years, the 5-year survival rates have increased for breast cancer by 21%, prostate cancer by 50%, and lung cancer by 54%.

By investing in research and development, we can match and surpass the achievements of the past, creating new life-saving discoveries that make life better for millions globally. Take a look at our new infographic to see how medical discovery continues to transform the fight against cancer:

 LillyCA_Cancer (1)