Happy Family Day!

Happy Family Day! First celebrated in Alberta in 1990, this fifteen-year-old holiday has me thinking about the importance of family values and time spent with loved ones. As a working mom, I highly value time spent with my family and see connections between the work we do here at Lilly and ensuring this quality time for not only my family, but for millions of others.

Medical discovery impacts families across Canada every day. Groundbreaking medicines have the power to change lives, increasing disease survival rates, improving quality of life, and giving people more time with their loved ones. When insulin was discovered at the University of Toronto and mass produced by Lilly back in the early 1920’s, a fatal illness was transformed into a manageable disease.

Producing these medical advances often involves the highest level of risk-taking. It requires significant time and investment. Only 1 out of 5,000 – 10,000 compounds discovered will eventually make it to behind the pharmacy counter. Yet this is the type of breakthrough we work for every day because the ultimate impact of it is almost immeasurable: making life healthier and happier for millions of people around the world.

If you are enjoying Family Day today, whether you’re traveling or spending time at home with your family during this three-day weekend, we hope you have a happy Family Day!