Thankful For Canadian Innovation

Are you rested from the long weekend? I know I am! The Thanksgiving holiday gives us time to reflect on our nation’s naturally occurring bountiful harvest. However, while sharing a dinner with my family this weekend, I found myself thankful for something else: our nation’s longstanding commitment to innovation.

We see the value of this commitment quite clearly when we look at the life sciences. When it comes to the discovery of new medicines, it’s important for us to have the policies and support systems in place to sustain innovation. So what does this look like? In the words of Rx&D, a “globally competitive intellectual property environment” that features regulations and protections that will incentivize continued investment in Canadian research and development.

When you look at the numbers, you see that these investments are not for nothing. The Canadian pharmaceutical industry supportsupwards of 34,000 well-paying Canadian jobs and boosts the national economy by nearly $3 billion.

With so many world-class research facilities, paired alongside some powerful public-private partnerships and alliances, Canada is positioned to support the discovery of the next biggest life-saving treatment as we have done in the past.

So while I spent the weekend reflecting on what I have been thankful for, I can spend the foreseeable future being thankful for the Canadian innovations that are yet to come.