LinkPad: Quebec Election Platforms

For LinkPad this week, we are focusing in on the Quebec election health platforms. If you live in Quebec, get informed and be sure to get out and vote on Tuesday, September 04!

Parti Québécois Platform:

  1. Reorganize the government to reduce bureaucracy, eliminate duplication of administrative structures and reduce hierarchies to save money and redirect resources to new direct services for citizens.
  2. This will reduce the structure of the health and social services network in favour of an increase in direct services to the population.
  3. Guarantee every Quebecer access to a family doctor and provide quicker access to a range of health care services and prescription renewals, by:
  • Avoiding privatisation
  • Improving efforts on health prevention
  • Abolishing the $400.00 health contribution (health tax)
  • Better use of existing funding and technology

Coalition Avenir Quebec Platform:

  1. Ensure every Quebecer has a family doctor by expanding the family medical group model within the 1styear
  2. Implement the entire recommendations of the Special Commission on Dying with Dignity
  3. Review the public drug plan and place a strong emphasis on the use of generic drugs
  4. Take over the process of implementing personal electronic health records, by:
  • Modifying the remuneration of family doctors
  • Abolishing the health and social services agencies
  • Controlling drug costs
  • Maintaining status quo on private sector involvement

Québec Liberal Party Platform:

It is by developing our economy that we will succeed in reducing the weight of our debt and in investing in vital missions centering on health, education and families.

  1. Increase the age of eligibility for dental coverage from 10 to 16
  2. Invest to support the consolidation of pre-hospital emergency (ambulance) services across all regions of Quebec. Will also put in place a helicopter ambulance service
  3. Improve the living environments for seniors residing at a CHSLD facilities (investment in renovations at residential care centres across the province), by:
  • Transitioning towards telehealth services
  • Accelerating the launch of intermediary resources
  • Better supporting for the chronically ill
  • Creating a web portal to compare wait times for specialists