Continuing the Fight to End Alzheimer’s

Today’s guest post comes from Alonso Montoya, Senior Medical Advisor at Lilly Canada, and Luc Boulay, Clinical Research Senior Scientist with Lilly Canada.

Science is experimentation, iteration, and learning. It is often not an easy or straight path. We are reminded of this each time we learn that our research efforts do not yield the results we had hoped for.

Lilly has been committed to the fight against Alzheimer’s disease for almost 30 years. We recently announced that one of the potential new Alzheimer’s medicines we had been studying did not succeed in the last stage of clinical testing.

Naturally, we are disappointed. We know many are looking for a treatment that could help slow, cure, or prevent the progression of this devastating neurodegenerative disorder. We are deeply disappointed for the 564,000 Canadians living with Alzheimer’s, and their friends, families and caregivers, who continue to wait.

How we learn from failure makes all the difference in our effort to improve the lives of people with Alzheimer’s disease. We recognize that great innovation cannot be achieved without great risk. Our disappointment has only strengthened our commitment to finding solutions, and to helping advance Alzheimer’s research in the future.

Although we did not succeed this time, we have additional potential medicines that are in various stages of clinical development. We will take the lessons we have learned from our recent announcement, return to work, and keep up the search for treatments that so many desperately need; just as we have done for nearly 30 years. Lilly’s resolve remains unwavering and we are not retreating from this fight.