LinkPad: Friday the 13th! Get out there and make a positive contribution!

For some, Friday the 13th is an unlucky day rife with ill omens. I thought I would debunk this view by looking at some of the positive activity within the health and pharmaceutical sectors over the past several weeks.

  • As I've blogged about before, declining clinical trials are a concern for Canada. The launch of Clinical Trials Ontario (CTO), an independent not-for-profit organization established through the Ontario Ministry of Economic Development and Innovation in partnership with industry and academia will seek to make Ontario a location of choice for global clinical trials without compromising ethical standards.
  • Confronting frightening diseases like Alzheimer's through research, support networks and by getting informed, is imperative. Join CIHR's CafĂ© Scientifique on Tuesday, July 17, 2012, 5 p.m. at the Vancouver Public Library in BC on the topic: Alzheimer's: Does it have to be part of aging? Research is underway in Canada and around the world to tackle the overwhelming challenge. Find out more about this event here.
  • Knowledge is the Best Medicine: Seven of Canada's leading health care organizations have joined together to launch new electronic tools to help Canadians use their medications safely and appropriately. These tools include MyMedRec, an iPhone and iPad app and a new website. Download it today!