The Fight Against Pandemic: You’re Doing Your Part, We’re Doing Ours


This is the second in a series of LillyPad blog posts on the pandemic. It is intended to provide information about what Lilly and other pharmaceutical companies are doing to contribute to the fight in Canada and worldwide.


We wrote last about how Lilly was doing its part to fight against the pandemic through its partnership with Vancouver-based AbCellera. Rest assured that Lilly is active across the globe; you can find out more about what we’re doing as a global company right here. What’s more, we’re not working in isolation. The entirety of Canada’s pharmaceutical industry has mobilized itself to support governments, health professionals, and first responders confront this crisis.

The pharmaceutical industry is rising to this challenge in several ways:

First, we are focused on creating the potential new innovative medicines that will fight, treat, and prevent this disease. We’re committed to protecting people from infection and treating people who have been afflicted.

Second, we are collaborating with governments and organizations to provide financial support and in-kind donations here and around the world. Lilly, for example, has partnered with the State of Indiana to accelerate testing using Lilly laboratories.

As an industry, we are also taking swift action to ensure that our supply chains are protected. You can read more about what our industry is doing at Innovative Medicines Canada’s Statement on Canada’s Drug Supply. For our part, Lilly has taken steps to ensure the integrity of our supply chain. You can read the details of our approach at the following link, which also contains contact information should you or a pharmacy be having difficulty securing a Lilly medicine.

You can read more about what the companies that make up Canada’s pharmaceutical sector are doing to combat the pandemic at Innovative Medicines Canada’s Working Together on a Solution. It provides details on thirteen different projects member companies are undertaking to support public health here at home and abroad.

This is our moment. It’s the existence and consequence of diseases like COVID-19 that motivate Canada’s pharmaceutical industry to get out of bed in the morning, the challenge they pose is what keeps us working long into the night, and the importance of finding a solution – for the wellbeing of people like you and me - is what drives us to create medicines that make life better for people.