The Fight Against Pandemic: Lilly’s Actions to Support Canadians


This is the third in a series of LillyPad blog posts on the pandemic. It is intended to provide information about what Lilly is doing to contribute to the fight in Canada and worldwide.

As an innovative pharmaceutical company, Lilly is invested in finding solutions in response to the threat of COVID-19. We’re proud of what we’re doing, and we’re proud of how our industry has mobilized.

Lilly’s mobilization against COVID-19 goes far beyond the research we’re doing in our laboratories and with our partners.

Globally, Eli Lilly and Company and the Lilly Foundation are actively engaged with community partners to address new and complex challenges arising from the coronavirus, including the economic impact on people most vulnerable to the downturn. Lilly has operations in some of the hardest-hit regions of the world, where community support ranges from making hand sanitizer for local hospitals, to donations of insulin and personal protective equipment, to contributions to long-standing partners such as Project HOPE, Direct Relief and the Red Cross. 

Through our Lilly Global Giving program, employees around the world can support over 40 projects and programs related to the pandemic, ranging from relief aid distribution in China to emergency response efforts in Italy. The Lilly Foundation provides 1:1 match of employee contributions.

Here in Canada, we’re engaged in supporting Canadians on a number of fronts:

In the fall of 2019, we moved our Lilly offices from our Danforth site to downtown Toronto’s Exchange Tower.  As part of our response, we offered use of our old campus to both provincial and municipal governments in the event they required it for their pandemic response.

We’re providing one of our medications to an investigator-initiated trial which will assess investigational medicines as adjuncts to the clinical standard of care treatment for hospitalized patients who are experiencing moderate- to severe symptoms of COVID-19.

In recognition of the pressures COVID-19 is exerting on our communities and healthcare system, we have taken the decision to freeze our insulin pricing for 2020, forgoing the increases permitted by applicable regulations. Our decision reduces the burden on Canadians with diabetes as it provides meaningful savings for people who pay out of pocket for their insulin and it represents a commitment by Lilly to the affordability of medicines in Canada.  

Finally, recognizing the impact of COVID-19, Lilly Canada has enhanced its charitable donation matching program for this year. Employees who donate to registered charities, in amounts of up to $250, will be matched by Lilly.

As proud Canadians and citizens of the world, we at Lilly are committed to helping overcome the challenges posed by COVID-19.