Welcome to LillyPad Canada!

Welcome to LillyPad Canada, an official blog of Eli Lilly and Company!  I look forward to sharing public policy issues, corporate responsibility initiatives, and the work our employees here at Lilly do every day to make the world a healthier place to live. This blog will engage in a public dialogue about the critical health issues that affect people throughout our country and around the world.  The first LillyPad blog launched in the United States in September 2010--and I am thrilled that Canada is the first outside of the U.S.!

As the first official 'blogger' for LillyPad Canada, I will offer our opinions and perspectives on relevant health policy topics and issues in the news. As a Canadian, I'm excited to establish a dialogue on the important health policy issues that affect each of us and encourage you to join the conversation. Please add your thoughts and perspectives in the comments section below.

Stay tuned for more tomorrow!


Wow! I am really impressed that Lilly is joining the conversation! Congratulations to the whole Lilly Canada team!
Wow! Je suis réellement impressionné que Lilly se joigne à la conversation! BRAVO à toute l'équipe de Lilly Canada!!!