LinkPad - Innovation and Health Partnerships

Thumbnail image for IMG_20140130_124903.jpgOn Thursday, Health Minister Rona Ambrose was in Ottawa to address the Economic Club of Canada on the importance of innovation and health partnerships. In particular, Minister Ambrose focused on the potential of innovation to help improve the sustainability of the Canadian healthcare system by achieving greater efficiencies and ultimately, better outcomes for patients. As Minister Ambrose highlighted, the need for innovation is a significant public policy challenge that Government of Canada is facing. As a start, the minister announced the creation of a panel to examine the state of health care innovation in Canada.

Read the news release: Minister Ambrose address the Economic Club of Canada

In her speech, Minister Ambrose referenced a 2011 C.D. Howe Institute Study by former Governor of the Bank of Canada and Deputy Minister of Health David Dodge, and co-author Richard Dion. The study, entitled Chronic Healthcare Spending Disease: A Macro Diagnosis and Prognosis takes a look at total healthcare spending in Canada - both public and private - and examines the policy choices that Canadians are faced with in response.

Read the paper here: Chronic Healthcare Spending Disease: A Macro Diagnosis and Prognosis

Also mentioned in the minister's speech was the 2012 Council of Canadian Academies (CCA) report on the state of science and technology in Canada. I have blogged about this report in the past, highlighting some of the areas where Canada excelled in S&T. As Minister Ambrose referenced in her speech, although Canada has less than 0.5 percent of the world's population, we produce over four percent of the world's research papers and nearly five percent of the world's most frequently cited papers. These are certainly statistics to be proud of. We must continue to translate our research strengths into tangible results for patients through innovation. And as Minister Ambrose stressed, greater collaboration between the government and the private sector through health partnerships is a way forward.

Read the CCA Report: The State of Science and Technology in Canada, 2012