Launch of the Latest Data on Global IP - How Does Canada Size Up? (2 of 3)


Last week's blog covered the Global IP Center release of its second edition global IP report entitled Charting the Course.

I noted in the blog that Canada has some work to do to keep up with our biggest competitors given that we rank 8th out of 25 countries, which is behind most of our developed competitor economies including the US, many EU countries, Australia and New Zealand.

In today's blog I'm taking a closer look at the specifics of the Canadian score.

There are a number of areas in which Canada is doing well.

  • Patentability of Computer Implemented Inventions
  • 2012 copyright amendments introduced Digital Rights Management legislation
  • Central government ICT procurement guidelines include documentation on licensing as well as evidence of auditing taking place
  • Final agreement and implementation of the CETA between Canada and the EU could strengthen Canada's IP environment

And a number of key areas where we clearly have some work to do:

  • Onerous patentability requirements narrow the scope of inventions
  • Pharmaceutical-related patent enforcement and resolution mechanism under Notice of Compliance procedure deficient
  • Patent term extension not available
  • No takedown mechanism in ISP notification system
  • Poor application and enforcement of civil remedies and criminal penalties
  • Current law provides no ex officio powers granted to Canada Border Services Agency officers; reforms linked to CETA could change this

So what elements are central to the life sciences and innovative pharmaceutical sector, and why should Canadian policy makers and patients care about how we are stacking up against our competitors?

Stay tuned tomorrow for more.

You can read the full Survey yourself right here.