Canadian Competition: From the Winter Olympics to Trade

Four years ago, Canada's top winter athletes represented us valiantly on our home turf, coming in first overall in number of gold medal wins at the Vancouver Games. All signs point to our athletes having even greater success this time around at the XXII Olympic Winter Games in Sochi.

As excitement builds around the Sochi Games, these thoughts about past and future international athletic wins have me noticing the parallels between the Olympics and international trade. Competition between nations leads athletes to reach unprecedented athletic accomplishments and that same spirit of competition also inspires countries to new, innovative medical breakthroughs.

Just as cheating would ruin the spirit of fair play and healthy competition that's present at the Games, unfair practices like IP theft and patent infringement damage competitive international trade. In the infographic below, we cover some important facts about why policies that support competitive international trade lead to big wins for everyone.


I know you'll be joining me in rooting for Team Canada from February 7th to 23rd and hope you'll also share our "Competition Wins" infographic! Go Canada Go!