FAQs of Discovery

Medicines save lives, which explains why people rarely dispute that medical advances have made life better for millions. Understanding the process of medical discovery and the need to put policies in place to support medical innovation through investment and collaboration proves more difficult.

As mentioned previously, we’re exploring medical innovation through a new series that will answer just those questions. Today, we take a step back to look at the fundamental building blocks and obstacles of discovery with an infographic that lays out the basic why’s and how’s of medical innovation.



This infographic will help guide our ongoing conversation, but it represents just the beginning. We’ll build on this foundation in the coming months with more posts and infographics that really dive into essentials of medical discovery. In the meantime, let us know in the comments section what further questions this infographic sparks!


Thanks for your comment Norman. We've actually been working to support research on cancer through our PACE platform (https://pacenetwork.com/). Have a look. Open to feedback.
Since you're doing so much research,how about a little on papillary rcc????? We're out here too!!!!