Capitalizing on Canada’s Innovation Potential

Senator Kelvin Ogilvie wrote a great article this week on the importance of health innovation for Canadians. In his article, Senator Ogilvie stresses how essential it is that Canada “make it a priority to encourage and support discovery, invention and innovation”. He also highlights how critical the role of innovative pharmaceutical industry has been throughout history, using the excellent historical example of insulin as a key innovative medicine developed by Canadian researchers. Senator Ogilvie underscores that Canada needs to continue to enhance its focus on research and innovations that will bring health benefits to Canadians.

Read Senator Ogilvie’s article: Innovation key to maintaining a health society

Another great read this week is from Genome Canada President and CEO, Dr. Pierre Meulien who posted on Canada: On the Road to BIO2014, a blog focused on the life sciences sector in the lead up to BIO2014. Dr. Meulien writes about how well positioned Canada is to build on its successes in the bio-economy.  In particular, he emphasizes the opportunity Genome Canada has to capitalize on Canada’s growing genomics advantage, for the benefit of Canadians. As Meulien notes, “Few places have as much opportunity and potential as Canada does in tailoring genomic solutions to a diverse range of policy goals and economic interests”.

Read the blog post – Canada: A country build for success in the bio-economy

Finally, Canada’s Research-based Pharmaceutical Companies (Rx&D), in collaboration with six of Canada’s leading healthcare organizations and George Brown College, announced this week that the innovative MyMedRec smartphone app is being expanded to include the Android platform. Initially developed for the iPhone, the MyMedRec app allows individuals to manage their personal healthcare information to help administer their medications safely and appropriately. The app enables patients to have their medication and immunization records at their fingertips and includes features such as refill and dose reminders, medication histories and contact information of prescribers and pharmacies.

You can read more or download the app here: MyMedRec App