New U.S. Ambassador Delivers Message of Friendship

On Monday night, I was fortunate to be in Ottawa to see the first major policy speech from the new United States Ambassador to Canada, Bruce Heyman. Ambassador Heyman outlined his agenda, which focuses on the four key pillars that he feels create a particularly strong bond between Canada and the United States – a relationship that sees $2B in goods and services exchanged across the border on a daily basis.

Ambassador Heyman’s four key pillars:

  • Economy and Trade
  • Energy and the Environment
  • Cultural Exchange
  • Cooperation and Leadership on the World Stage


While speaking about the economy and trade, Ambassador Heyman highlighted the importance of enhanced intellectual property rights protections to support innovative companies to invest in research and invent new products. His remarks not only focused on the importance of IP rights to encourage overall investment, but also touched on the issue of counterfeit goods, which is also a consumer health and safety issue. Ambassador Heyman underscored that just as legitimate supply chains have gone global, so too have counterfeit supply chains, which ultimately affects the highly integrated supply and production chain between Canada and the United States.

The Ambassador also emphasized the critical importance of concluding the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiations.  He stressed how integral the success of this trade agreement is to creating a better life for generations to come. As Ambassador Heyman stated: "Our enduring relationship has growth potential beyond our imagination, the future of our shared economic potential lies in our ability to support each other in the creation of opportunity and jobs for all."

You can watch an interactive interview with Don Newman of Canada 2020 on Ambassador Heyman’s Trade Policy Pillar below.

Canada 2020: Ambassador Bruce Heyman on Trade from Canada 2020 on Vimeo.

You can read the full text of the speech here.