The Truth about Fake Medicines

A version of this post by our colleague, Amy O'Connor, originally appeared on LillyPad US.

Every June, the World Anti-Counterfeiting Day helps to raise awareness about the trade of fake products around the globe. Recent studies estimate that the counterfeit drug trade totals $75 billion per year, a 90% increase since 2005. Even more troubling, these counterfeit products often lack the safety and quality standards of their legitimate counterparts, creating a significant threat to public health. 

This is why we are pleased that the Canadian government tabled Bill C-8 Combating Counterfeit Products Act, which will amend the Copyright and Trademark Acts to combat counterfeiting and piracy. This legislation will bring in new border enforcement measures to help stop fake medicines from entering Canada and endangering patient safety.

You can also play an important role in stopping the spread of fake medicines. Please share the infographic below with your friends and family, encouraging them to stay safe when purchasing medications online!

Lilly_TruthAboutFakes_v4 (2)


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